We turn the ideas of creative agencies and teams into physical matter

As a team of passionate hardware, software and mechanical engineers we love taking on a challenge to materialize machines and gadgets that never existed before. We enjoy using the stuff we build and making it fun for everyone else to use.


We design, re-purpose and manufacture electrical devices and electronic gadgets. Most of our works use microcontrollers and microprocessors, different kinds of sensors, electric motors, sound and light effects.


With experience in C, C++, Python, PHP, Java and JavaScript and Linux, we design and develop of custom apps for Android and iOS devices, software for computers, firmware for microcontrollers and server-side logic.


By employing techniques such as milling, cutting, bending, moulding and 3D printing we design and build custom mechanisms, objects and structures. The materials we use include a wide range of metals, plastics, epoxy and wood.

Physical + Online

We enable experiences that bring together online and offline marketing campaigns. Have objects in the real world react to actions or posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another website... or make an object post online about interactions or changes to its environment.