Selected Projects

Amstel Pause Vending Machine

The Vision – show how precious time is by having people take a break from the “always connected”, “always hurrying” life and spend three minutes in peace.

The Solution – a machine that uses motion and distance sensors to determine whether the participant is keeping still, and has motors to show progress and give feedback for success or failure. The reward is of course a can of chilled beer.

Heineken Better Halves

The Vision – Football fans would do anything for a ticket to the Champions League final, but what are their halves ready to do? Perhaps some of them would be willing to sing the Champions League anthem to score the ticket for their boyfriends. But how do you measure in an objective way who sings the best… among 100 contestants… in real time?

The Solution – Custom-designed and manufactured printed circuit boards with Low and High-pass filters coupled with millisecond-precise timing microcontrollers that show whether one sings the right tones at the right time. A live scoreboard updates with every tune and shows the winner immediately after the last note is struck.

Heineken New Star Photo Installation

The Vision – make someone feel like a star… sure, and what better way to do it than have tens of cameras pointed their way.

The Solution – An installation with 30 synchronized cameras that shoot simultaneously and produce a “bullet-time” video. The installation is triggered by pointing a can featuring Heineken’s new Star design at an image recognition camera. Right after being shot, the pictures from all cameras are “stiched” together, displayed inside the installation “booth” and uploaded to a dedicated website.




Ben 10 Omnitrix Photo Printing Installation

The Vision – make parents and children work in tandem to trigger and feel the magic of the Ben 10 cartoon.

The Solution – a giant, two-meter high, Omnitrix replica with a button on either side of the object, a camera, a photo-printer and magical sounds and lights. The parent and child have to “get in sync” and press their respective button within 200 milliseconds of each other. The successful press triggers a flash of magic and turns both participants into Ben 10 characters for a brief moment. And to prove it the machine prints a photo showing a picture just before and during the magic transformation.

Nissan Shout

The Vision – award the most capable and deserving fan with a ticket to the Champions League Final. Of course the fan in question is the one that can shout the loudest for the longest period of time.

The Solution – a sound-sensitive installation that makes participants shout their way from Sofia to Milan (the Final’s venue). The speed of travel is proportional to the level of shouting and even the slightest stop in shouting makes the vehicle stop. And the ticket goes to the fastest shouter to Milan.